Age appropriate filtering levels

Navitron Cloud is in schools and homes. It is based on a filer level called BASIC - For schools. All the other filter levels derive from this level. The teacher at school or the parent at home can change the filter level at any time. They can ask for a different level; age-adjusted (from preschoolers to teenagers) or can grant various access privileges. This describes the Navitron Cloud conduct for the basic filter level.

The way through which the system grants protection is to analyze the Internet request and then to systematically filter each individual page, item per item, in the language of their writing. Thus, Navitron removes innapropriate content from the page or denies the page completely. Independently of this important feature, Navitron has several particularities regarding each categories of Internet content. Let's find out what are these particularities!

Search engines

Four big search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask are accepted in the system. Navitron switches and forces these engines in the "safe search" mode.

Social networks

Navitron blocks the access to all social networks and online dating websites. These websites facilitate grooming activities. The access to social networks can be enabled by changing filter levels.

Filesharing + Filehosting

Filesharing websites (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo) and filehosting (e.g. Dropbox, Onedrive), apparently harmless, contain many materials innapropriate for childrens. From here, can be downloaded or can be viewed many movies and pictures with adult content. You can grant access to these websites by changing changing filter levels.


Three public email services are accepted by Navitron:, si

Gambling and bets

Online gambling and bet websites are blocked at all filter levels. Exception is the VP filter level (Virus & Porn Filter).

Online games

Access to online games is allowed, but the teacher (in schools) or parent (at home) can block anytime this web category.

Cheating attempts

Pages containing answers to solve specific online tests that students usually uses to cheating at exams, are locked. Of course ... this capability does not apply at home. smile

Online chats

The access to chats and video-chats is blocked. Online chats and video-chats are tools used by aggressors for grooming. Navitron cancels online chats on all websites. The access to online chats can be granted by selecting the most permissive filter level, the one for teenagers.


Navitron does not allow to download from the Internet potentially dangerous files (viruses, spies) and blocks the downloading of executables (.exe), installation kits and other materials that contain executable codes and can harm computers.


Archives (e.g. .rar, .zip) can be downloaded only from sites which are considered very safe, as they can hide viruses.


Navitron reduces considerably the risk of Internet viruses. It does not allow to access websites that distribute viruses, trojans, adware, spyware and blocks scripts that try to install unrequested software or to monitor user behavior. Moreover, Navitron does not allow access to web pages that viruses (possibly already in the computer) use to update themselves, to obtain or send information.


It is not possible to download movies, music, books, software from software piracy websites or websites that distribute them illegally, infringing copyrights.

Several exceptions cool

Websites considered very safe are not filtered. These include: dotall resources to update software (e.g., antivirus/firewall software (e.g., browsers (e.g., doteducation resources used in schools.

Any type of files, including executables, installation kits and archives, can be downloaded from these resources considered very safe.

Archive-type attachments (e.g. .rar, .zip) can be downloaded from the webmail services accepted by Navitron.

Filter by-pass attempts

Access to websites, that offer "free online proxy" services, is blocked. Moreover, requests to search engines to look for such types of websites are cancelled.

Google Translate alert

The use of Google Translate ( is not permitted. Google Translate can be easily used to access websites with innapropriate content. The alternative is Babylon Translation ( that works "just as well". smile

Selecting the filter level

The filter level can be changed at any moment. You can select from the most severe filter level (for preschoolers) to the most permissive (for teenagers) or you can grant various access privileges.


Navitron Cloud records in its history logs all Internet requests and all accessed websites. The parent can check these logs at any moment. Thus, timely interventions can be done in education or professional help can be sought if necessary.

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kids filter levels
kids filter levels
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