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The power of the system resides in its capacity to analyze the content of each individual webpage. The Internet is under constant change and the restriction based only on lists of websites (allowed or forbidden) or lists of key-words in URLs, as parental control software does, is not a viable solution as it is impossible to update such lists; not even large search engines know half of the Internet.

Content control

The Navitron Cloud system works on the Internet. It is composed of several content filter servers and a Master server. When your child searches for a website, his/her request is directed to a filter server. If the request is made through a search engine, the system checks for any explicit requests of dangerous content (e.g.: “Al Quaeda executions”). If everything is OK so far, the request is further sent to the Internet. The Internet answers and the page is received by the same filter server that analyzes the content of items in the language of their writing. If any items with or links to dangerous content are identified, Navitron Cloud removes them and sends to the child a filtered page, without affecting the rest of the content.

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The most important is that Navitron Cloud is not based on "black lists" or on the analysis of mere words, but on an analysis of phrases, phrase combination and contexts of phrases.

Denied pages

The main mission of Navitron Cloud is to clean pages and not to block them. Only when an Internet page has mostly dangerous content, Navitron Cloud denies it and the child will receive an alternative page.

What is the role of the Master server?

When a filter server denies a page, the Master includes it into a database and when an attempt is made to access the same page again, it is directly denied without going through the filter system. The Master server can browse the Internet by itself. It regularly assesses the database and if various pages have changed their content within accepted limits, they are cleared and included in the filter system.

Filtering in both directions

1. Request analysis

Firstly, it analyzes the Internet request. If the request is explicitly to dangerous content, Navitron Cloud sends an alternative webpage to the child.

If it is safe, the request is sent further to the Internet. If the request comes from search engines, Navitron Cloud forces the search engine to switch to "safe search".

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2. Content verification

The Internet sends the webpage and Navitron Cloud analyzes all items in the language of their writing. Navitron Cloud removes dangerous content and sends a filtered (clean) webpage to the child.

It also removes all ads and links to potentially dangerous websites and so the child cannot click a forbidden link.

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How long does the filtering process take?

The whole filtering process is almost instantaneous. Slight delays appear only for significantly large pages, but not more than a second.


The most visited websites load faster than usual because they are stored in the memory of the Navitron server and delivered directly from there.

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kids system core
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