How do we protect children?

Navitron blocks the inappropriate information on the Internet, controls the access to the social networks, to the on-line chats and does not allow the downloading of files with dangerous potential on the child's computer.

How does filtering work?

Navitron analyzes the child's Internet requests and then filters the incoming webpage. It is a multilingual filter system and helps children to browse the Internet safely. Navitron reads and filters the contents of each individual webpage before it is displayed on the child's screen. Navitron system is different from any other protection or parental control solution, because it works on the Internet, not on the child's computer.

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Filter levels

Navitron has several filter levels adjusted to different ages, from preschoolers to teenagers. Navitron is also present in schools with specific filter levels.

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Filtering results

The purpose is to clean pages and not block them. Navitron Cloud removes from the page all the items with dangerous content and links to dangerous content without affecting the rest of the page. A page will be fully denied only if its content is mostly dangerous. Navitron Cloud is not limited to accepting or denying websites as parental control software does (often reducing significantly the Internet utility). Verifying each individual webpage, Navitron Cloud grants a real Internet experience, protected against access to any dangerous content and you are constantly informed about the websites accessed by your child on the Internet.

Family and school control

As a parent or as a teacher, you can adjust at any moment the filter severity, granting privileges or selecting age-adjusted levels, starting from the most severe (for preschoolers) to the most permissive level (for teenagers). Navitron keeps logs of navigation and allows parents to track within a second their child's activity on the Internet.

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kids protection
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