Navitron for families or institutionalized children

No matter where they grow up, in families or institutionalized; our children are our most valuable asset. They represent our hopes for a better future.

Our children are also the most vulnerable members of society. The Internet can be a confusing and dangerous place for kids. Without a safety measure, many children can fall into the danger zones of pornography, predators and online scams.

Our goal is to restrict materials that would be considered inappropriate and harmful to children. This includes all pornographic materials, violence, drugs, terrorism, intolerance, hate speech, dirty language and so on.

Protect your children

With such free access to the Internet around the world, many criminals are using this opportunity to take advantage of children.

But, with Navitron there's no reason to fear the Internet. When used properly, the Internet educates, positively influences, and provides a creative outlet for today's kids.

Now that your children is online, isn't it about time to protect them?

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