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Nonprofits face the same challenges as companies, such as securing their networks while keeping their staff safe and productive. But, nonprofits have tighter budgets and fewer resources to deal with IT infrastructure.

Navitron includes the essential functions, that all organizations need to ensure a safe user environment when accessing the Internet. It also includes features that have seemingly been beyond the budget for nonprofits; providing full functionality at little cost.

Contactat us and we'll analyze and work with you to fit within your budget.

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With Navitron you can monitor Internet browsing on all platforms. Requests, even accidentally, for inappropriate content such as pornography, hate speech, intolerance, terrorism, drugs and so on? Now, you can see in real-time all the risks. And all from one easy & friendly dashboard.

Increase network security by eliminating the risk of Internet threats, such as viruses, malware, spyware and phishing sites.

Navitron blends network security and Internet filtering together, giving you one solution to control all web use on your organisation.


Depending on the number of computers and/or the amount of Internet traffic, we will choose together the right solution for your organisation.

Navitron Cloud
navitron cloud
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Simple filtering solution to protect your users, at a price that is second to none. Get up and running in minutes.

Navitron Onsite
navitron onsite
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A truly scalable and versatile platform for any organization. All the tools you'll need and flexible administration.

 Ask Navitron 

Not sure which solution suits you best? Ask us and we will help you setting up requirements.

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