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Intelligent real-time Internet filtering

Navitron consists of a series of filters with progressively higher abilities to identify inappropriate content from Internet.


At the first level, it checks the domain name being accessed and tries to categorize and match it against an database. This huge database is updated daily and contains millions of records. Most filtering software stop at this rudimentary level of filtering. The problem is that this assumes web sites are either black or white, good or bad! What about websites with mixed content that are generally good, but could have some inappropriate content?


Next, Navitron checks the requested URL and tries to find matching patterns using combinations of keywords and phrases. This level is well suited for websites with dynamic content and for search engines.


When the static measures mentioned above fail to catch inappropriate content, intelligent content analysis filters step in. These dynamic content analyzers perform a combination of heuristic and pattern matching algorithms to determine if the content is appropriate or not.

More than just filtering

Navitron blends Internet filtering, Social Media control, defending against Internet borne threats (viruses, spyware, malware, phishing) and network security together, giving you one powerful tool to control all aspects of Internet use.

Navitron comes with two flavors

Navitron Cloud
navitron cloud
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Simple version for families, schools, organisations and small business. Get up and running in minutes.

Navitron Onsite
navitron onsite
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The most versatile platform for companies, institutions and organizations. Anyone can manage their network.

 Ask Navitron 

Not sure which solution suits you best? Ask us and we will help you setting up requirements.

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